Full Colour Electronic Home Inspection Reports

– Perfection Inspections home inspections and home inspection reports meet or exceed the InterNACHI Standards of Practice and unlike   other firms, we strictly follow the InerNACHI Code of Conduct.​
– Reports are prepared on site using a tablet computer or smartphone and reviewed during the meeting.
– Completed reports are sent via email to clients as a secure link within 24 hrs (sometimes even the same day). Click on the link to open your electronic report in PDF format from anywhere around the world.​
– Perfection Inspection reports include a summary page, photos and illustrations, supplementary information.
– We use specialized reporting software to produce full colour detailed reports that are easy to read and typically 40-80 pages in length. This is not a “check-off the box” hand written report providing only basic information that is standard with some inspection firms.

Thermography and Home Inspections

What is thermal imaging? Despite what you might have heard or seen, a thermal or infrared (IR) camera can’t see through walls or ceilings. Instead, they display colour images based on the surface temperatures of various materials being viewed. To illustrate, think of a digital camera that requires thousands of points (or pixels) to form a photo. An IR camera on the other hand, requires thousands of points (temperature readings) to display a thermal image. Warmer surface temperatures show up as brighter colours and cooler surface temperatures will show up as darker colours on the IR camera’s display. These can be evaluated by a qualified operator to determine what images are typical and where there might be an issue.

What problems can a thermal imaging camera find in buildings?
● non-typical supply air duct leaks
● active moisture problems (ie, roof, exterior wall/building envelope, and plumbing leaks)
● inadequate/non-existent or significantly compromised insulation
● non-typical heating and cooling losses
● abnormal heat from an appliance or electrical system component
● possible vermin or pest infestation
● poor construction/structural defects (under fastening and/or missing framing members)
● damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems

Home Inspections and Infrared Thermography

Performing thermography or a thermal scan of a home can add value to your home inspection with another layer of technical depth and possibly locate problems that may not otherwise be found by just a visual inspection. Our Essential Home Inspection does not include a full IR scan of the house but our inspector can use the IR camera during the home inspection in a localized area on a discretionary basis. Why do we charge extra for a full thermal scan of the house? Mainly because the IR camera Perfection Inspections uses is very expensive to purchase / maintain) and it takes some additional time to perform and report on any issues found.